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Fresh beef for frying
Fresh beef for broth
Fresh beef rib-eye
Fresh beef T-bone
Osso Buco Beef
Fresh Beef Bone In/Ox tail
Fresh Rump
Frozen beef sliced
Frozen beef mince
Frozen Knuckle prime steer
Fresh Rib Eye Angus
Fresh Striploin
Fresh Beef Fillet
Harmony Roast Beef
Eye round / Lucerto
Beef Liver / Offals
Beef Fillet N.Z.
Beef Tripe
Polish Fillet
Polish Striploin
Polish Eye Rounds
Beef Burgers x12
Beef Burgers x6 jumbo
Beef Burgers x16


Veal T-Bone
Milk fed veal Topside
Milk fed veal Knuckle
Veal Rib Eye/Striploin Dutch
Veal Cubes
Veal Mince
Veal Osso Buco


Lamb Legs whole
Lamb Legs sliced
Lamb Fore shanks
Lamb Hind shanks
Lamb Shoulder BRN
Lamb Chops
Lamb Fillets
Lamb Shoulder Chops
Lamb Loin
Lamb Sausages
Lamb Mince
Lamb Meat Balls
Lamb Fr Racks
Lamb Shoulder Oyster Cut
Lamb Liver
Lamb Frenched Rack
Lamb Leg Boneless
Fresh Irish Lamb Legs


Pork Leg Bone in
Pork Loin Medallion
Pork Loin Chops skin less
Pork Loin B/Less
Pork Neck Chops skin less
Pork Neck B/Less
Pork Mince
Pork Fillet Chain Off Clean
Loin Spare Rib Rack
Pork Belly bone in
Pork Belly Ribs
Pork Shoulder Chops
Pork topside/knk
Pork loin marinated
Pork Chops skin on
Pork liver
Pork Shanks bone in
Pork cheeks 100% lean
Pork brain
Pork chops fr skinless
Pork neck chops fr
Pork neck boneless fr
Pork loin b'less mar
Pork Shoulder Roast
Pork/beef sausage x 16
Pork/beef sausage x 8
Cocktail Sausage x 32
Frankfurters x500
Woody Classic
Woody Cheese


Back Bacon
Streaky bacon
Streaky x 7 ozs
Back x 7 ozs
Collar x 7 ozs
Cooked/Smk Gammon
Smoked Shanks skinless
Smoked Shanks Bone less
Smoked Shanks skin on bone in
Bacon mince


Drumsticks Skinless
Chicken Gizzards
Chicken necks
Whole Chicken
Fresh chicken breast
Fresh Chicken legs
Chicken thighs
Chicken fresh drumsticks
Chicken wings
Chicken Liver
Chicken necks
Battered nuggets
Breaded Chicken Steaks
Frozen Chicken breast
Frozen chicken legs
Chicken Kiev's
Cordon bleu
Crunchy Chicken Escalope
Chicken Dips
Chicken thighs B'Less
Chicken Mince
Country Bakes
Whole Frozen Chicken
Chicken Boneless
Southern Fry Wings
Chicken Gizzards
Chicken Drumettes
Turkey/chicken Kebabs
Whole turkey
Turkey Breast
B'Less Turkey
Turkey Drumsticks Fresh
Turkey Legs
Jumbo D/Sticks
Free Range Chicken
Corn Fed Chicken
Chicken Patties
Capon Boneless
Turkey Thigh
Whole turkey frozen
Whole turkey boneless
Turkey Drumsticks Frozen
Durango AIA

TaLaham Products

Original Hamburger X 5
Burger bomba X 5
Meat Balls
Beef Bragoli
Pork Bragoli
Chicken Leg Stuffed (veg&cheese)skinless
Stuffed Drumsticks
BBQ Maltese sausage
Original Hamburger 5x150
Lamb Burger 5x150
Chicken Burger 5x150
Chicken/Veg Bragoli
No Salt Maltese Sausage
No Pepper Maltese Sausage
Chicken Balls
Angels on Horseback
B'Less Stuffed Chicken Legs
Venison Burgers x 5x150
Venison Sausages
Rabbit Burgers x3x150
Veal burgers 5 x 150
100% Beef Sausages
Marinated Rib Eye
Chicken Burger 5x100
Veal Burgers x 5
Beef Kofta Sticks
Veal Balls
Maltese sausage dry/smk
Burger Bomba 5x 200
Beef Kebabs
Chicken Sausage
Pork Kebabs
Feta Sausage
Chicken Kebabs
Chicken Thighs Stuffed
Fresh Beef Angus Burgers
Stuffed Pork
Maltese sausage Smk/Dry
Southern Fry D/Sticks
Southern Fry Breast
Southern fry b'less thighs
Chicken Boneless skin off
Stuffed Turkey
Stuffed Turkey Breast
Breast Lemon Pepper
Breast Garden Mint
Breast Sweet & Sour
Wings Lemon Pepper
Breast rosemary/garlic
D/sticks lemon pepper
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Stuffed B'Less Chicken
Stuffed B'Less Capon
Turkey Bragoli
Wings Smokey BBQ
Maltese sausage
Smoked Maltese sausage

Game & By Product

Quails x 4
Fresh Eggs x 6
Duck Whole
Horse meat Topside
Venison rack
Venison Shoulder
Duck Breast
Fresh Eggs x 30


Asparagus x 1 kg
Peas x 400
Peas by weight
Broad Beans by wieght
Mixed Veg x 400
Mixed Veg x 1kg
Mixed Veg x 2.5
Broccoli Mix x 450
Broccoli Mix x 2.5
Broccoli Spears x 450
Broccoli Spears x 2.5
Brussels Sprouts x 450
Brussels Sprouts x 2.5
Baby Carrots x 450
Sliced Carrots x 2.5
Stir Fry x450 Dujarden
Sweet Corn x 450
Sweet Corn by weight
Corn on the Cob X 2
Sliced Mushrooms x 450
Wok Mix Findus
Cauliflower x 450
Cauliflower x 2.5
Leaf Spinach x 2.5
Chopped Spinach x 1 kg
Battered Onion Rings x 450
Paella x 750
Sweet Sliced Peppers
Garlic frozen x 150


Rabbits Local Bigfoot
Rabbit Liver
Rabbit Legs
Rabbit loin
Rabbit for Stew
Rabbit Mince
Rabbit Loin B'less
Rabbit Loin Stuffed
Rabbit Balls
Rabbit Shoulders


Ravioli tal gbejniet Gran D'Or
Ravioli tan nanna
Pastizzi small
Yorkshire Pudding
Qassata small
qassata Large
Pizza Tal Furnar
Pies x 4
Meat Pies
Fagottini/tortelini italy
Pastizzi / Sausage roll
Spring Rolls x 60
Trigon x 60
Raviolini Salmon/Porcini
Pizza Party
Oriental Mix x 600
Ravioli oval Gran D'Or
Pastry shortcrust/puff/sweet
Grand D'or Pies


Steak House x 2.5 (9x18)
Chips x2.5 (9x9)
3 way Chips x 750
Baby Roast x 1kg
3 way Chips x 2 kg
Mcaine Smiles
Rosti x 750
Mcaine Home Fries x 1.5
Mcaine Home Roast
Mcaine Oven Chips x
Dujarden Oven x 2 kilo
mcaine beer/wegdes
Dujarden Oven x 2 kilo Steak House
Dujarden Oven x 1 kilo Steak House


Seafood mix by weight
Octopus Catering
C/P Prawns 100/200
Breaded Cod 4/5 ozs
C/P Prawns 80/120
Breaded Plaice 4/5 ozs
Battered Haddock
Haddock lemon parsley/ pepper
Breaded Fish
Br Fish Spinach/Mozz
Seafood mix x 500
Squid Tubes
Hake Medallions
Findus Salmon Steaks x 4
Fish Cakes Sheltie
Pangasius Fillets
Fish Fingers Family pack
Crabsticks x 500
Smoked Salmon Trimmings x500
Smoked Sliced Salmom x 500
Haddock lemon parsley/ pepper
King Prawns 16/20
King prawns 13/15
Mussels Shell On
Rizzi x 250
Findus Fish Fingers x 15
Findus Salmon Fingers
Saithe Fillets